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NE Focal Point Senior Center

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52 Moments in Deerfield History

Home Away From Home

N.E. Focal Point Senior Center

The N.E. Focal Point Senior Center is one of Deerfied Beach’s greatest facilities. It was developed as a partnership between the City of Deerfield Beach and the area wide Council on Aging to provide supportive services for individuals 60 years old and older residing in the northeast section of Broward County.  The Center provides transportation, health support, counseling, recreation, information, nutritious meals and inter generational programs.

It also provides respite day care services for caregivers and educational programs for both children and seniors along with volunteer opportunities.

The N.E. Focal Point started in an office across from City Hall while the 1st building was being built in 1981.  Over the years, the Center has expanded from 1 building to 5 buildings and has expanded  to include an Alzheimer’s Day Care Center, Multi-Cultural Day Services Center, Preschool and Thrift Shop.  Innovative changes and programs have evolved over the years to meet the ever changing needs of the seniors and our community.

The mission of the center is to improve quality of life, promote independence and encourage involvement in the community.  The N.E. Focal Point has served as a  for individuals  from 2 – infinity for the last 35 years.  Come celebrate LIFE:  Learning, Independence, Friends, and Engagement at Your Senior Center.

Many years ago, the location of the N.E. Focal Point was formerly the Braithwaite Elementary and some of the seniors who attended the elementary school are now attending the Senior Center.  There was also a former Broward County Health Department on site.