52 Deerfield Moments: #28
Deerfield’s First High Rise

52 Deerfield Moments: #28 - Tiara East - Deerfield's First High Rise

52 Moments in Deerfield History

Tiara East

First High-Rise on the Beach

Deerfield Beach’s first high-rise was approved midst controversy, in May of 1964. In February, 1966, Tiara East, just north of the fishing pier, opened for occupancy.  It was originally one of the most spectacular structures on the Gold Coast.  Floyd Grainger, Hillsboro Beach mayor, was the developer, and his financial support provided installation of a sewage line across the intracoastal waterway.

Tiara East is one of the first buildings in the state to be entirely computed by IBM.

It was built using a huge 118-foot crane, which was a new type of construction at the time.  The introduction of wind-bracing where steel braces are welded between floors gave the towering building more foundation strength, and was tested during Hurricane Betsy, September, 1965.