Help Make History: Be A Volunteer

OCTYour talents and volunteering spirit are important to the success and future of the Deerfield Beach Historical Society. Won’t you give a few hours of your time to “help make history” by supporting the operations and activities of the Society? There are many opportunities to volunteer in a variety of capacities to suit any interest or skill level. By volunteering your time, you’ll meet interesting people, have fun, and help us tell the story of Deerfield Beach, all the while learning more about our City’s colorful past.

Here are some opportunities where you can help:

  • Be a Docent at the Butler House, the home of the DFB Historical Society
  • Be the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Help plan and volunteer at various Special Events
  • Assist with advertising and publicity
  • Join workdays and cleanup operations at the Butler House
  • Assist with general housekeeping chores
  • Prepare holiday activities and programs
  • Collect, preserve and document stories for the archives
  • Be a storyteller or programmer
  • Assist with the internet and website functionalities
  • Sort and label historical items.

To find out you can help:

Call 561-299-8684 or Contact Us