52 Deerfield Moments: #49
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52 Deerfield Moments: #49 - Deerfield Beach Observer

52 Moments in Deerfield History

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The Observer

William Beck founded the Deerfield Beach Observer in 1962 after business leaders in the community approached him. Beck had started the Boynton Star and they wanted a similar product here. The first editor was Margaret Moore, who had worked for the Pompano Sun before it merged with the Sun Sentinel/Fort Lauderdale News.

When Moore retired in the late 1960’s Judy Wilson took the helm and owned or managed it with Beck until it was sold in 1980 to David Eller, president of Moving Waters Industries.

In its early years, The Observer won several Florida Press Association Awards.

The newspaper remains a mainstay of the community covering local politics and events.

By 2015 it had the distinction of being the oldest continuously published weekly in South Florida.