52 Deerfield Moments: #11
Woman’s Club of Deerfield

The Woman's Club of Deerfield Beach, FL

52 Moments in Deerfield History

Woman’s Club of Deerfield

A Long History of Service

The Woman’s Club of Deerfield was first incorporated in 1926. It grew from a club named The Bluebirds started by Mrs. JD Turner in 1919. One of its earliest and most important contribution to our community was the establishment of a library that has evolved into today’s Percy White Library.

The original Woman’s Club building was located on the corner of Federal and Hillsboro and in 1957 the current building was built. About 125 members and friends attended a dedication service delivered by Reverend Rowe of the Deerfield Beach Baptist Church.  Mrs. C.M. Moseley, President, placed a copper box in the cornerstone of the clubhouse containing newspapers, membership and officer’s roster, names of the architect, contractor, and a complete history of the club. Prominent citizens, Ethel Jones and the Butler family were present.

In 1976, The Deerfield Beach Woman’s Club sponsored a Bicentennial Celebration that included a bronze plaque and coral monument placed on the historical site where Sullivan Park is located today.

The Woman’s Club of Deerfield remain one of our city’s leading service organizations. Current projects center on six departments: Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach, and Public Issues.